Get the Best Solution for Plumbing Problem

There are many home problems that can happen, especially when the home gets older. Every problem needs certain way to fix it. Plumbing problem is one of the most common problems, because people use water for many of their activities. So it is very possible that they have problems with the water channel. They might have problem with the leak, the water heater, the drain, the septic tank, or others.

If you face plumbing problem, it will be better if you use professional service because the professional has better knowledge and skill. There are many Ft Lauderdale plumbers that available around your area. You can choose the one that has good reputation can be trusted. Using plumbing service is the best solution for your plumbing problem. You only need to control their work and let them fix the problem. You don’t have to waste your time and energy by trying to fix it alone.

In order to get the best result, it is necessary for you to choose the best plumber. You should consider about the reputation, the quality of service and the cost that you have to pay for the service. By doing those considerations, it is possible for you to get good quality of service with affordable price. Read More!

Babylon, Africa and John Wayne

Q: Where, on a modern map, can one find the ancient city of Babylon?
A: If you locate the Iraqi town of al-Hillah, near the Euphrates River, about 110 kilometres south of Baghdad, you'll be pretty close.

Africa is the world's second-largest continent in both area and population, but it still has fewer inhabitants than China.

John Wayne didn't need platform boots to stand tall; he stood 6'4" and wore a size-11 boot. In his college days, under his given name, Marion Morrison, the Duke was a varsity football player for the University of Southern California. Read More!

Airports, Inertia and Avocado

LaGuardia Airport in New York is named after former Congressman and New York Mayor Fiorello Henry LaGuardia. Former Congressman and New York Mayor Ed Koch is still waiting for New York to name an airport after him. He may have a long wait. After all, who wants to tell their friends that they are going to be flying into Koch?

In homage to unknown martyrs, in August 1997, Om Prakash Singh of India stood still for 20 hours, 10 minutes and 6 seconds, starting on the eve of the golden jubilee of India's Independence, and continuing well into the following day.

Modern cuisine can count the avocado among its many contributions from Aztec culture. The Aztecs were the first to cultivate what they, in their native Nahuatl language, called the "ahuacatl." Most likely, the Aztecs were also the first to make guacamole. Read More!

Benefits Celery - Celery For Health

Below will be discussed on the morphology and the utilization of medicinal plants for health, especially the celery plant.


Celery (Apium graveolens) can grow well in low or high. Celery plants are classified as vegetables, plants that have a wet bar of this compound, can basically be divided into several types and include celery tuber can be eaten.

Celery leaf vegetables used to supplement (eg, for soup). For the ancient Romans used as a celery plant flowers. According to the botanical historian, celery has been used as a vegetable or XZII century in 1640, and recognized as a medicinal plant new scientifically in 1942. Celery plant breeding can be used 2 ways, namely through the seeds or the mass transfer of the child.

Local Name:
Celery (UK), Celeri (France), celery (Italy); Selinon, Parsley (Germany), Celery (Indonesia); Sledri (Java), Saledri (Sunda);

Curable Disease:
Hypertension, eye pain, rheumatic;

1. Hypertension
Ingredients: celery leaves to taste
How to make: squeezed with enough cooking water and then filtered;
How to use: drink 3 times a day 2 tablespoons, and done regularly.
Note: excessive use of dangerous!

2. useful for eye drugs have the efficacy to overcome an eye
Ingredients: 2 stalks celery, spinach leaves 2 stems, 1 stem
How to make: all these ingredients together and then pounded
1 cup brewed with hot water and filtered.
How to use: the usual drink.

3. Rheumatic
Ingredients: 1 stalk celery
How to use: as a Lalapan eaten with every meal.

CHEMISTRY: Celery has many nutrients, among others, (per 100 g): a. calories by 20 calories, b. 1 gram of protein C. d. 0.1 grams fat 4.6 grams carbohydrate e. calcium 50 mg f. g. 40 mg of phosphorus p. 1 mg iron Vitamin A 130 SI i. Vitamin B1 0.03 mg j. Vitamin C 11 mg and 63% of edible parts. Celery leaves apiin also contains, in addition to a diuretic substance is useful to increase the amount of urine. Read More!

Tomato Juice Can Make Bones Stronger

Tomato Juice

This is a good way to make bones stronger so that we will avoid the risk of osteoporosis, drink tomato juice every day. Lycopene, the antioxidant content in tomato fruit, believed to be the experts as the cause bones to grow stronger. Previously known lycopene beneficial to prevent prostate cancer in men and also prevent heart disease.

In a study conducted in Canada, the experts asked for 60 people or post-menopausal women around the age of 50-60 years to stop the consumption of tomato products from the daily menu for a month. Apparently it does increase levels of N-telopeptide in the blood, which is a chemical that is released the body in the blood when there is a broken bone.

Then, during four months of study respondents were given tomato juice containing 15 mg of lycopene per day, as well as plus 35 mg capsule of lycopene. As a control group is respondents who received a placebo capsule. The result is N-telopeptide levels in women who drank tomato juice or lycopene capsules dropped dramatically. But the benefits were not obtained by women who consumed a placebo capsule.

As a precaution, experts recommend the consumption of two glasses of tomato juice every day. Results were published in the journal Osteoporosis International. De Vet et al in 1991 reported that women who eat tomatoes at least three pieces a week, the risk of cervical bone cancer 40 percent lower than those not eating. Helzlsouer et al in 1996 reported that 7.4 percent of the consumption of lycopene reduces the risk of uterine cancer. Read More!

Avocado Is Good for Health

Many people who want to lose weight away from the avocado fruit. Indeed avocado is one of the fruits that are high in fat, about 16 percent. But the fat contained in fact safe and even healthful. That’s because 63 percent of the constituent elements are unsaturated fatty acids, particularly monounsaturated fatty acids. According to experts, the food is most effective to reduce fat-containing MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acids) such as avocado. In addition to helping lose weight, a diet rich in MUFA are also able to shed fat in the abdominal area. Efficacy of other avocado that is not less great is the lower cholesterol, prevent blood vessel blockage and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

For those of you who have problems with digestion, fiber-rich foods of course highly recommended. You can get it by eating avocados. Avocado is also high in fiber is about 1.6 g. gram/100 It is useful to help the digestive system and remove the remains of a toxic digestion. The avocado contains a very high fat, ie 71-88 percent of total calories or about 20 times the average of other fruit.

Avocados contain oleic acid, a component in monounsaturated fats may help lower cholesterol. A study carried out on their cholesterol levels high enough. After a seven-day diet that included avocados, they decreased total and LDL cholesterol significantly, while HDL cholesterol rose by 11 percent.

In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, avocado is also a good source of potassium or potassium, a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure. The content of potassium in avocados is higher than a medium-sized banana. Adequate intake of potassium may help protect against vascular disease, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Read More!

10.000 People in Berlin Protested Nuclear Operations

Tens of thousands of antinuclear protesters, up to 100,000, according to organizers, marched through the center of Berlin under the slogan of "Farewell to nuclear power and, in protest against the decision of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, of extending the life of the plants.

The march, which started from the railway station and ran in the vicinity of the Foreign Ministry and Parliament, was culminating in a concentration back to the starting point, developed in a festive atmosphere among anti-nuclear slogans accompanied by bands and rumble drums.

It was the first demonstration after the decision of the center-right coalition of Merkel extend the operation of the plants, it’s called by the traditional German anti-nuclear activism revived with the accession of some of the clubs of modern Berlin.

The march was called by a platform of anti-nuclear organizations, which explicitly stated "no desire" that led politicians. Already during the coalition negotiations between the Christian Democratic Union and the Bavarian Christian Social Union and the Liberal party (FDP) announced the intention to review the timetable for closure of the 17 plants still operating.

The pact signed in 2000 between the Social Democrat-Green alliance of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and the industry expected that the so-called "nuclear blackout" would occur in 2022. Merkel and wanted to review the schedule of closures in the previous term, a large coalition, but the then government social partners was prevented.

The current alliance of the CDU with the FDP returned to the issue, to announce two weeks ago, a new plan of arrangement whereby it will extend the life of the plants an average of twelve years, so that the last close on 2034. The government aims to provide in exchange consortia around 2,300 million euros a year to government coffers through a new tax on their earnings report this moratorium. Read More!